• Water Technology Innovations

• Environmental Technology Management

• Global Trade Management

• International Sourcing

• Sales Support

• Tender-Procedures

• BARTER-Business

• Marketing / Sales Strategies in Terms of Foreign Trade Affairs

• Organization / Operational Advising
   Concerning International Fairs Abroad

• Export – Financing Solutions


• Warranty Bonds in International Trade

• Terms of Payment and Delivery in International Trade

• Means of Securing Bilateral Exchange Rates
   within Foreign Trade Business

• Export Calculation Especially Taking into
   Account Different National Restrictions and Regulations

• International Project Logistics

• Import/Export and Cross Trades

• International Textile Logistics

• Insurances for Exporters According to the Requirements of
   International Logistics

• INCOTERMS According to the Valid Version 2000
   and their Application

• Legal Regulations Concerning Customs, Origin and Preferences

• Consulting Regarding German Control Regulations
   for Export and Embargo

• Seminars and Trainee Programmes